ACREQ/ELEKTRA - press release - program

Subject: ACREQ/ELEKTRA - press release - program
From: Alain Thibault (thibaul@CAM.ORG)
Date: Sun Oct 31 1999 - 20:12:52 EST

association création recherche électroacoustiques québec
Alain Thibault, artistic director
music / technology / multimedia


For immediate release

Montreal 20th October 1999

At l'USINE C from November 4th to 13th at 9:00 p.m., L'ACREQ will present
ELEKTRA, its new series of electro - techno - multimedia events. The
program includes multimedia performances and electronic music from the
viennese duo Granular Synthesis, Toronto's Monty Cantsin, and French
composer Pierre Henry.

Thursday November 4th, for the first time ever in Montreal, the
multidisciplinary artist Monty Cantsin will perform Executive Machinery, a
sound performance consisting of the rythms of filing cabinets conducted by
computer-connected robots. The movement of the opening and closing filing
cabinets will control the animation of digital pictures screened live on 5
video screens.

Friday November 5th, in the spirit of millennial anxiety, we will be
putting a piece of the most influential French composer's Pierre Henry
called L'apocalypse of Jean. Come and listen to the modernity of the
musical master piece from 1967. Around 11:30 p.m. his Messe pour le Temps
Présent, written for the choregrapher Maurice Béjart will close the evening

Saturday November 6th, the evening will be devoted to a new video and
electroacoustic music creation streamed through 40 speakers. Hautes
Tensions, this serie of 8 canadians master pieces selected by l'ACREQ
features such as S8-Antennas transmissions from the duo AE.

Friday and saturday November 12th and 13th Granular Synthesis will present
the North American premiere of their new multimedia performance POL.This
duo from Austria, invited by the contemporary Museum of Fine Art last
spring and also at l'Usine C in 1997 and ISEA'95, presented a remarkable
piece Motion Control MODELL 5 for 4 video screens, collection of voices and
electronic music. POL uses a similar concept and pushes it forward (as if)
technically and artistically with a very powerful sound system, 7 video
screens, based on the image and the voice of the american singer and
performer Diamanda Galas: 60 minutes of an agressive and erotic show.

 There will be a presentation of videomasterpieces after every
concert.Selected for their visual and sound quality; you will see and hear
- Monique Jean, Ned Bouhalassa, Mark Rudolph, and the last creation of
Alain Pelletier: Die Dyer, which was recently presented at the Festival
International du Nouveau Cinéma et des Nouveaux Médias.

To conclude these evenings, a line up of DJs will take hold of
theturntables and play till 3am: PFreud, Mateo & Pheek, Dr P (r) axil (Eric
Matson) and Neurom (Alain Mongeau).

On Friday nov. 12th, INTER-MISSION, will be presented in collaboration with
Spectro's silver Fridays (SONA) to highlight Montreal based Ascend
Recordings' artists: NUCLEAR RAMJET (LIVE), DJ NEERAV, and at SONA,
Montreal's first time apperance Tobias Lampe (dj & owner of top german
techno label Superstition Records), DJ Justin Robertson (UK) and DJ Nivoc.

For this Festival, l'Usine C will convert the theater into a bar.

On sale now
Tickets: regular 15$ - students $10.
***Package 4 shows only at USINE C : regular 40$ students 25$
Free entrance after 11:00 p.m. - Free entrance on Saturday 6th November
Booking : USINE C (514) 521.4493
Admission 790.1245 or 1 800 361.4595
Web site:
USINE C 1345 Lalonde, Montréal
Métro Beaudry - bus 125
( one street south of Ontario, between Panet and Visitation )

Usine C : Yves Sheriff 514.521.4198
Inter-Mission : Carlos Correal 514.993.2102

- 30 -


Thursday November 4th 1999 09h00 PM
Istvan Kantor Monty Cantsin
Executive Machinery
Machines, noise and video

Friday November 5th 1999 09h00 PM
Pierre Henry
L'apocalypse de Jean
Sound projection Nicolas Vérin

11h00 PM 13'13 pour voix défigurées
                Monique Jean - Alain Pelletier
                Crash installation - version for 5 screens

00h00 La messe pour le temps présent
                Remix - Pierre Henry

00h30 AM PFreud - dna records, laika - dj set

Saturday November 6th 1999 09h00 PM
Hautes Tensions 2000
Video / Electroacoustic music
Free admission

AE - S8 - antennas transmission

Gabriel Prokofiev - zhiva
Nicolas Vérin - Solo III
Louis Dufort - Zénith
Mathieu Marcoux - Corporation
Christian Bouchard - Maeström
Nicolas Boricky - Le diable o rageux
Julien Roy - Rémanences

11h00 PM Alain Pelletier - Marcelle Deschênes
                Die Dyer

11h00 PM Mark Rudolph - Ned Bouhalassa
00h00 Mateo & Pheek - live techno
                VJ Yan Breuleux

Friday and saturday Novembre 12th and 13th 1999 09h00 PM
Granular Synthesis
North-American premiere
Voice and image: Diamanda Galas
coproduction by
Hull Time Based Arts/GB, ZKM Karlsruhe/D, Ars Electronica Linz/A,
Créteil-Maison des Arts, Le Manège-Maubeuge/F
POL is funded by Wien Kultur

Friday November 12th 1999
Inter-Mission Night
11h00 PM Nuclear Ram Jet - Ascend Recordings - live techno
00h00 AM Neerav - Ascend Recordings - dj set

Afterhours in collaboration with SONA
1439 de Bleury - Metro Place des arts
Tobias Lamp - Superstition (Germany) - dj set
Nivoc - Ascend Recordings - dj set

Saturday Novembre 13th 1999
11h00 PM Dr P(r)axil / Oral - dj set - live techno
01h00 AM Neurom - dj set

sound - Nancy Tobin
video - Steve Montambault
lighting - François Roupinian
web site - Jean Decarie - Isabelle Robidas

ACREQ is funded by
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec - CALQ
Conseil des arts de la communaute urbaine de Montreal - CACUM
Canada Council For The Arts - CCA

Radio broadcasting
Radio-Canada 100,7 FM - Chaîne culturelle
producers - Helene Prevost - Mario Gauthier

Solotech multimedia

UQAM - Universite du Quebec a Montreal - Communication Dept. (web site)
Ascend Recordings

Zone Sonore - Rejean Beaucage / MC
CIBL - 101,5 FM

Alain Thibault
Directeur artistique
association creation recherche electroacoustiques quebec
Usine C
1908 rue Panet, #301
Montreal, Quebec,
H2L 3A2, Canada
tel (514) 524.0208
fax (514) 524.7874

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