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Date: Sun Oct 31 1999 - 18:57:55 EST

Hello Eric,

> Anomalous Records Eric wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have been searching for certain recordings of electronic music (and
> > a few other things) for some time, and thought maybe it might be good
> > to ask this list and see if anyone here might have any of these
> > things and not want them anymore, or nowhere somewhere I could dig
> > them. I still do prefer to listen to records as opposed to CDs
> > be very difficult to turn up. In addition to all that listed below,
> > I'm very curious to know about early electronic music releases from
> > South America, as there is very little documentation about (or access
> > to) them up here.
> >

certain labels in South America could still have some available analogic
cassettes and LPs. One of them is TACUABE, based in Montevideo, the
capital city of Uruguay. TACUABE launched a LP series called "Nueva
Musica Latinoamericana" featuring historical electroacoustic pieces
such as "La Panaderia" by Eduardo Kusnir, "El Gloton de Pepperland"
by Ariel Martinez, "Homenaje a la flecha clavada en el pecho de Don
Juan Diaz de Solis" by Coriun Aharonian, etc, etc.

A label in Argentina that had some important electroacoustic
titles in LPs and cassettes is IRCO Records, although they are more recent.
IRCO launched in 1988 the important cassette "Musica Electroacustica en Tiempo
Real" by Ricardo Dal Farra, of an
impressive international success (it was reviewed in Computer
Music Journal). The Web site of IRCO Records is as follows:


> > "Tercera Bienal Americana de Arte - Octubre 1966" [Jornadas de
> > Música Experimental] double LP

I am doubtful if you'll be able to get that CD. It's available
in the libraries of the universities of Buenos Aires and
Cordoba in Argentina but the quality of the recording is not

Martin Fumarola

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