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Subject: Re: looking for older LPs of electronic music
From: Annette Vande Gorne (
Date: Sun Oct 31 1999 - 15:11:13 EST

For Bayle, Henry, Chion, Ferrari, Malec, Parmegiani, Schaeffer etc. : She is the documentalist of the GRM. Maybe they have any old LP
to sell.
Annette Vande Gorne

Anomalous Records Eric wrote:

> Hello,
> I have been searching for certain recordings of electronic music (and
> a few other things) for some time, and thought maybe it might be good
> to ask this list and see if anyone here might have any of these
> things and not want them anymore, or nowhere somewhere I could dig
> them. I still do prefer to listen to records as opposed to CDs
> (guess I just prefer analog artifacts over digital ones). Besides
> many of those that have been reissued are also being remixed,
> although most of these are not reissued anyhow. I imagine I might
> well get zero reply to this, but thought it worth asking... I have
> pretty good access to more recent releases on CD but older stuff can
> be very difficult to turn up. In addition to all that listed below,
> I'm very curious to know about early electronic music releases from
> South America, as there is very little documentation about (or access
> to) them up here.
> Francois Bayle "Andromède / Titan" 10"
> Francois Bayle "Grande Polyphonie" LP
> Francois Bayle "Jeita ou Murmure des Eaux" LP
> Francois Bayle "L'Oiseau Chanteur; Lignes et Points; L'Archipel;
> Espaces Inhabitables" LP
> Francois Bayle "Tremblement de terre très doux" LP
> Brother Ahh (Robert Northern) "Sound Awareness" LP
> John Cage "Cage's Train" tape & book
> Christophe Charles "let it hold itself up" CD
> Christophe Charles "Deposition Yokohama" CD
> Michel Chion "La Ronde" LP
> Michel Chion "Requiem" LP
> Henri Chopin "Le Dernier Roman du Monde" 7"
> Henri Chopin "Radiotaxi 3: Audiopoems" LP
> Robert Cohen-Solal / E. Canton / Reibel / B. Ferreyra LP
> Marcel Duchamp and John Cage "Reunion" book with flexi
> Bruno Epstein "Essay III / Essay IV" / Rune Lindblad "Satellit 60" 7"
> Luc Ferrari "Heterozygote / J'ai été coupé" LP
> Luc Ferrari "Presque Rein n° 2 / Promenade symphonique à travers
> un paysage musical" LP
> Luc Ferrari "Tautologos I" / François-Bernard Mâche "Soleilruguex" 7"
> Jack Goldstein "The Burning Forest" 7"
> Jack Goldstein "The Dying Wind" 7"
> Jack Goldstein "A Faster Run" 7"
> Jack Goldstein "A German Shepard" 7"
> Jack Goldstein "The Lost Ocean Liner" 7"
> Jack Goldstein "The Murder" LP
> Jack Goldstein "The Quivering Earth" LP
> Jack Goldstein "Planets" 6 x 10"
> Jack Goldstein "The Six Minute Drown" 7"
> Jack Goldstein "A Swim Against the Tide" 7"
> Jack Goldstein "The Tornado" 7"
> Jack Goldstein "Three Felled Trees" 7"
> Jack Goldstein "Two Wrestling Cats" 7"
> Jack Goldstein "The Unknown Dimension" LP
> Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza LP [General Music]
> Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza LP [Cinevox]
> Pierre Henry "Cortical Art III" LP
> Pierre Henry "La Noire a Soixante / Granulometrie" LP
> Pierre Henry "Le Microphone bien tempéré" LP
> Pierre Henry "Variations pour un porte et un soupir" LP
> Pierre Henry "Voile d'Orphee I; Voile d'Orphee II; Spirale; Entite" LP
> Toshi Ichiyanagi "Music for Strings No.2 with Stanzas" 7" [in Yoji
> Kuri "Strabismus Concert" cartoon book]
> Toshi Ichiyanagi "Music for Tinguely" 7"
> Julius "Musik für die Ohren" tape
> Julius "Musik für eine Glasscheibe" tape
> Julius "Projekt Berliner Konzertreihe, 1981/82" 5 tape set
> Basil Kirchen "Worlds Within Worlds 1/2" LP
> Milan Knizak "Broken Music" LP
> Takehisa Kosugi "Catch Wave" LP
> Takehisa Kosugi "Violin Music, May 10 1986" C54
> Takehisa Kosugi, Toshi Ichiyanagi, & Michael Ranta "Improvisation
> Sep 1975" LP
> Christina Kubish "Iter Magneticum" tape
> Leo Kupper "Automatismes Sonores" LP
> Richard Lerman "Audio Transducer Series: excerpts" tape
> Richard Lerman "Travelon Gamelon" LP
> György Ligeti "Poeme Symphonique" LP
> Logos "For Grooves" LP
> Logos "Integratie" LP
> Logos "Murphy" LP
> Ivo Malec "3L" LP
> Richard Maxfield 'electronic music' LP
> Cildo Meireles "Pesquisa de Audio" LP
> Costin Miereanu "Derives" LP
> Costin Miereanu "Jardins Oublies" LP
> Andrzej Mitan "sferze dotyku" LP
> Andrzej Mitan "Swietej Racji" LP
> Morphogenesis "I" tape
> Morphogenesis "II" tape
> Davide Mosconi "Musica del Paradiso" CD
> Max Neuhaus "Fontana Mix-Feed" LP
> New Music Ensemble "Volume I" LP
> New Music Ensemble "Volume II" LP
> Pauline Oliveros "The Well & The Gentle" double LP
> Bernard Parmegiani "Chronos" LP
> Bernard Parmegiani "Dedans dehors" LP
> Bernard Parmegiani "l'instant mobile" LP
> Bernard Parmegiani "Violostries; Bidule en re; Capture Ephemere" LP
> Godfried-Willem Raes "Bellenorgel" LP
> Steve Reich "Four Organs / Phase Patterns" LP
> Josef Anton Riedl "Glas-Spiele" LP
> Claudio Rocchi "Suoni di Frontiera" LP
> Pierre Schaeffer "Le triedre fertile" LP
> Karlheinz Stockhausen "Aus Dem Sieben Tagen" 7 LP box
> Karlheinz Stockhausen "Illimite" LP
> Karlheinz Stockhausen "Kurzwellen" 2 x LP
> The Taj-Mahal Travelers "August 1974" double LP
> The Taj-Mahal Travelers "July 15,1972" LP
> David Tudor "Microphone" LP
> C.M. von Hausswolff "Conductor" LP
> Kenneth Lee Wells "Music for Dark Kites" double LP
> John White "The Merry Samurai's Return From Work" tape
> La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela "Dream House 78'17"" LP
> "Elektronická Hudba" LP [Supraphon]
> "Free Improvisation" 3 LP box
> "Music from ONCE Festivals" LP [Advance]
> "Musique Concrète" LP [Philips]
> "Musique Electronique Norvegienne" LP [Philips]
> "Panorama de la Musique Concrète No. 2" LP [Ducretet-Thompson]
> "Tercera Bienal Americana de Arte - Octubre 1966" [Jornadas de
> Música Experimental] double LP
> "TM+" double LP [INA-GRM]
> Aspen No. 4 magazine with 7" flexi
> Aspen No. 5 + 6 magazine with five 8" flexis
> Aspen No. 8 magazine with 8" flexi
> Source issue number one magazine
> Source issue number three magazine
> Source issue number four magazine + double 10"
> Source issue number seven/eight magazine + double 10"
> Source issue number ten magazine
> Source issue number eleven magazine
> Gordon Mumma "Creative Aspects of Live Electronic Music Technology"
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