Re: [FOLDOVER WOBC 91.5 playlist (10/25/99)]

Subject: Re: [FOLDOVER WOBC 91.5 playlist (10/25/99)]
From: Martín_Fumarola (
Date: Tue Oct 26 1999 - 09:51:47 EDT

Hello Tom and cecdiscussers,

Tom Lopez <> wrote:
> FOLDOVER airs every Monday from 3pm - 5pm on
>WOBC 91.5 FM in Oberlin, Ohio
> (just outside of Cleveland).
> FOLDOVER focuses primarily on electro-acoustic
>music though recordings of
> acoustic works are broadcast.
> There is now a web site with information about FOLDOVER
> (; it includes
> playlists and information on how to find recordings of the music >[usually
distribution web sites or email addresses of the composers].

the piece "Ascencion" by Alejandro Iglesias-Rossi,
which is featured in our CD "Travels of the Spider -
Electroacoustic Music from Argentina" and was
broadcasted in FOLDOVER past October 4, belongs to the POGUS
label NOT to Empreintes Digitales, as it's stated
in FOLDOVER Home Page. The link from "Ascencion"
doesn't work.

Martin Fumarola
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