International Acousmatic Festival

Subject: International Acousmatic Festival
From: Annette Vande Gorne (
Date: Fri Oct 22 1999 - 07:58:31 EDT

                 VIth International Acousmatic Festival
                             L'ESPACE DU SON

Acousmatic listening frees itself from the grip of the visual and
liberates the mental images and the creative forms in our imagination.
The term "acousmatic" should not frighten; it recalls the name given by
Pythagoras to his manner of teaching philosophy to his disciples. The
pupils were taught behind a curtain and in the dark so that they would
concentrate more efficiently on his speech.
An acousmatic sound thus designates a sound that one hears without
detecting its source. These sounds, called "sound objects", are the
elements that create the base of the vocabulary for concrete music.
Perceived through the loudspeaker, the "sound objects" are in fact the
imprints, traces which, organized and liberated from an "explained
listening", can allow us to access emotions, sensations and metaphors.
This is the work of the composer..

                        XL-THEÂTRE DU GRAND MIDI
               rue Goffart, 7 - 1050 Bruxelles - Belgium
                       du 17 au 21 novembre 1999
                   acousmonium M&R (36 high-speakers)

* belgian creation belge
** world creation

Mercredi 17 novembre : Belgium

18 h 30 Works composed by Todor Todoroff for silent films and for a
vidéo created around a choregraphy of Michèle Noiret
19 h Concert of the FeBeMe /BeFEM (Belgian Federation of
Electroacoustic Music)
 RoaldİBAUDOUX**, LucienİGOETHALS, SlavekİKWI, JorisİdeİLAET**,
21 h Works of the composers collective of Musiques & Recherches
 ElizabethİANDERSON*, CharoİCALVO**, IngridİDRESE**,

Jeudi 18 novembre : Paris

18 h Meeting with Christine GROULT, teacher of electroacoustic
composition at the Pantin Conservatory, member dof studio Lygis (Paris)
19 h Carte Blanche by Christine GROULT : her musical choices*
21 h Solo : she will spatialise her own works*

Vendredi 19 novembre : Lyon

18 h Meeting with Bernard FORT and Marc FAVRE, creators of GMVL (Groupe
de Musiques Vivantes de Lyon)
19 h Carte Blanche and Solo of Marc FAVRE*
21 h Carte Blanche and Solo of Bernard FORT*

Samedi 20 novembre : Nice

18 h Meeting with Michel REDOLFI, he was director of the CIRM and of the
festival MANCA (Nice)
19 h Carte Blanche of Michel REDOLFI*
21 h Solo of Michel REDOLFI*

Dimanche 21 novembre : Multi-tracks

15 h 30 Works composed by Todor Todoroff for silent films and for a
vidéo created around a choregraphy of Michèle Noiret
16 h Concert of multi-tracks works composed in studios
«Métamorphosesİd'Orphée», Musiques & Recherches.
 Works of Dimitri COPPE**, Francis DHOMONT** (commissioned by M&R), Elsa
JUSTEL** (commissioned by M&R), Philippe MION**, Hans TUTSCHKU**
(commissioned by M&R)

                       During a 5 days festival,
             24 composers will spatialise more than 40 works

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