Re: A Musicology of Ea/Cm

Subject: Re: A Musicology of Ea/Cm
Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 04:13:03 EDT

Sorry for the delay, but earlier a question was raised about what are the
base skills "required" for a practitioner of ea.

I would propose that psychoacoustics is a central base skill that largely
seperates the study of ea/cm from the study (of the discipline) of
'music'. The recent copy of the SEAMUS Newsletter contains three articles
of interest regarding ea composition and teaching practices. It is
interesting to note the range of activities that ea/cm teaching
encompasses as reflected in these articles.

At one school, the teacher has had to "ban tonality" from the course.
This is an approach which has certain practical considerations in mind,
and reflects a philosophy which is as clear as the one where there is no
keyboard (or MIDI, as such) available in the first year teaching studio.

In some places, the ea/cm course has to function as the catch-all for a
very wide range of interests, serving as the center of composition, music
technology, MIDI applications, notation applications, recording of
concerts, 'research', and production of sound tracks for film, video and
theater applications in the school.

Small colleges which can provide only one course (and one studio)
therefore have many of the same limitations that come with music
departments in small liberal arts colleges. Some schools have multiple
studios focused on students in music programs: some schools have sound
taught in film, communications, music, journalism, multi-media, digital
image, video and interdisciplinary courses.

In the development of the "new musicology" of ea/cm, I feel that it is
not going to be enough to study sound exclusively in the 'abstract'
sense, and as a 'non-applied' art. I will need to wait to see the full
text of Leigh's proposal for the 'new musicology', and eagerly await word
from the Brazilian Conference regarding presentations.

Are the currently existing, and programs in Electroacoustics Studies?
(named as such / functioning as such?).




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