Re: [still available ACMC 'Imaginary Space' Proceedings]

Subject: Re: [still available ACMC 'Imaginary Space' Proceedings]
From: Martín_Fumarola (
Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 14:32:57 EDT

Hello John,

I am interested in one copy of the ACMA 99 Proceedings. Please
reserve one for me. I will send you the money but it will
be in cash, a U$10 note wrapped in paper. The commission
fee for buying a U$10 cheque doubles that amount.

Martin Fumarola

John Young <> wrote:
> A few copies of the Proceeedings of the 1999 Australasian Computer Music
> Conference are available from:
> John Young
> School of Music
> Victoria University of Wellington
> PO Box 600
> Wellington
> Send bank draft for US$10 (or New Zealand $20), made out to 'ACMC99'.
> Contents follow:
> Jonty Harrison
> Imaginary Space - Spaces in the Imagination

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