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Sound Travels touches down in Alberta!

New Works Calgary announces the arrival of Sound Travels to Calgary on
October 22 at the Nickel Arts Museum at 8 PM. The concert will include
the music of Calgary composers David Eagle and David Berezan, Toronto
composers Sarah Peebles and Wende Bartley, and Montreal radio artist
Chantal Dumas.

Sound Travels 1999-2000 season kicks off in Banff with a month long
residency to expand the Canadian Sound Travels repertoire and also to
develop new techniques. The work produced at the residency will
represent a cross-section of Canadian electroacoustic music at the turn
of the millennium.

Presented in collaboration with the Banff Centre the concert features an
8 channel surround-sound playback system that places the audience inside
a whirlwind of moving sound.

And the music?

Wende Bartley has concentrated heavily through her career on the use of
extended vocal techniques in electroacoustic music, and more recently on
the healing properties of the voice. David Berezan is a versatile young
composer that will draw from sounds recorded in southern Alberta in a
new large-scale acousmatic work. Chantal Dumas is a radio artist who has
produced a number of works for state radio in Germany and France. Her
soundscape radio compositions strike an interesting balance between
music and documentary that will connect with listeners new to
electroacoustic music.

The mission of New Works Calgary is to foster the growth and development
of contemporary Canadian music, with an emphasis on Western Canadian and
especially Calgary composers. New Works Calgary provides its community
with the opportunity to hear works that might not otherwise be
performed. In sixteen seasons New Works Calgary has performed over 360
works by Canadian composers which have included 80 World Premieres.

On the afternoon of the concert at 1 PM there will be a public seminar
in the Nickel Arts Museum demonstrating the specialized techniques for
sound spatialization and the compositional strategies employed. Tickets
are available at the Campus Ticket Centre or by phone at 220-7202.


Media Contact: Fran Pauzé

Sound Travels web site:

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