inner space playlist for 17.10.1999.

Subject: inner space playlist for 17.10.1999.
From: Vladimir Jovanovic (
Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 11:36:10 EDT

Inner Space - a weekly radio program
for beatless minimalistic ambient / dark ambient / space,
experimental, noise, electroacoustic, musique concrete,
field recordings, sound art and
similar kinds of droning and drifting music.
Broadcasting from 18-20h sundays
on 100,5 FM Radio Student in Zagreb, Croatia.

Tonight on Inner Space, electroacoustics from Innova Recordings,
featuring Robert Parades and the latest Sonic Circuits compilation;
atmospherics from Vidna Obmana and Jeff Pearce
and the first release on Italian label Pre-feed from Francisco Lopez.

Playlist for 17.10.1999.

Robert Parades - #17 (speakers)... /in every moment of decay/ (excerpt)

(from Forgetting and remembering - Innova Recordings)

Hideko Kawamoto - Night ascends from the ear like a butterfly

Timothy Oesau - Angola du sons

Christina Agamanolis - Aftermath

(from Sonic Circuits VII - a various artists compilation

from Innova Recordings / American composers forum)

Vidna Obmana & Jeff Pearce - Horizon of thought

                           - Frozen breath

                           - Viewing the distance

                           - The open darkness
                           - Still unknown

(from True stories - Mirage / Oasis productions)

Francisco Lopez - Untitled #90

(from Untitled #90 - Pre-feed Records)

Vladimir Jovanovic
host of Inner Space

for info about airplay,
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