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Date: Sat Oct 16 1999 - 14:54:40 EDT

A footnote to the Varese Deserts discussion.

I have in front of me an LP Finnadar Records SR9018 (Copyrights p and C
1977) - forgive me if someone has already referred to it and I missed the

It contains the 'Interpolations from Deserts' and reprints notes by
Mimaroglu and Zappa.

Mimaroglu says (damn I haven't a scanner - here goes) after summarising
facts already clarified in previous contributions ( French first version
1954, C-P (USA) second version (1961)):

"But Varese never disowned the 1954 version. Several months before his
death (November 6, 1965) he gave me [Mimaroglu] his copy of it and
expressed his desire for its performance and recording. This copy could
very well be the only setereo one in existence, as the master tape in the
archives at GRM is in mono, and the International Catalog of Electronic
Music indicates the recording mode as single track. [...] Here, then, this
premiere recording [...] so much different from the 1961 version ..."

So please let us beg Mr Mimaroglu to get them onto digital - or maybe
Finnadar has a copy? Anyone listening out there? The original multitrack
version of Stockhausen's Telemusik is unplayable (composer's report) and
that's 1966!

Simon Emmerson

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