Surround 2000 Conference Program (preliminary)

Subject: Surround 2000 Conference Program (preliminary)
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Date: Sat Oct 16 1999 - 04:48:26 EDT

Surround 2000
1st International Conference & Technology Showcase
November 5-6, 1999 * Beverly Hilton Hotel
 Beverly Hills, California

                            PRELIMINARY CONFERENCE PROGRAM
                        Tomlinson Holman, Conference Chairman

                                 MULTICHANNEL MUSIC

Repurposing Pop Masters: Producers and engineers will go through the process
of taking archived master tapes and updating them for multichannel release.
This session will be a step-by-step how-to for artists, record label execs
and producers who are eager to start filling the pipeline for surround sound
music titles by releasing classic music in surround. Royalty issues,
archiving, mastering, mixing, album art designs will be addressed and the
producer/engineers will provide audio demos of recent projects. Demo rooms
will provide intimate demos of these projects throughout both days of the
conference for more in-depth, one-on-one information.

Repurposing Classical Masters: The hardware and mixing issues involved in
taking quad masters and preparing them for 5.1 release. The sessions will
review finding and fixing the flaws of those quad recordings, as well as
deriving center and LFE channels; equalizing and mastering issues will also
be discussed.

What Do You Do With the Center? Two producers (with opposing opinions) will
face-off about the much-debated issue of "what to do with the center channel
for music recording." Each proponent will come prepared with opinions as well
audio demonstrations that illustrate their respective point of view.

What's the Perspective for Surround Sound? A second, much-debated issue is
whether or not the audience in the contemporary surround sound mix should be
situated in front of the performance or in the midst of the players on stage.
Once again, two differing points of view, along with demonstrations, will
address this vital issue.

Everything You Need to Know About Bass Management: Film and video mixers have
addressed this technical issue for years. And now it's rearing its (ugly)
head for the music community, as preparing mixes for the realities of the
home theater environment causes artists, engineers and producers to adjust
their perspectives on how master sessions should really sound.

Mastering the Classics: Technical issues involved in mastering both classical
as well as classic pop recordings will be investigated by the leading names
in music mastering.

Everything You Need to Know about DVD-Audio: The specifications, technical
issues, features and benefits of the new DVD-A format, including a detailed
overview of MLP and watermarking issues will be presented by leading
technical representatives involved with the release of the format.
Demonstrations of first generation DVD-Audio discs will be presented.

Everything You Need to Know about Super Audio CD (SACD): Sony and Philips
representatives will present the multichannel perspective on their new music
delivery system, while producers will demonstrate first-generation SACD

Multichannel Mixing Classes: Leading mixers will provide master classes in
small intimate studio settings to show how they build a mix from elements,
capture a live multichannel session and then take it through post production,
whether or not they mix to stereo or multichannel first, and how they make
individual mix decisions.


Building Effects for Motion Pictures: An exclusive, major motion picture
release will be dissected in a lecture by a leading Academy Award-winning
mixer who will take the audience on a step-by-step tutorial on how he built
the mix, how elements were constructed and how a full soundtrack was
assembled. The elements that work in Surround EX will also be discussed.

Acquisition of Multichannel Effects for Motion Pictures: Where do those
effects come from and how are they assembled for the mix. Most importantly,
where do those effects go and what, specifically, belongs in the surrounds.

TV Post in Multichannel: Mixing multichannel sound for
television broadcast releases. A range of show types (live special events,
drama, sit-com, late-night) will be discussed and demonstrations will be made.

Acquisition for Multichannel Television: Everything from microphone issues to
infrastructure requirements to console and equipment decisions being made to
prepare broadcasters for surround sound.

Broadcast Surround Technology Update: An in-depth report on the latest
developments in AC-3 encoding in TV post and Dolby E. A demonstration of LeqA
usage for dialnorm will be presented. DVD-V Audio Tricks of the Trade: An
insider's look at preparing multichannel sound for DVD Videos, including AC-3
encoder settings for DVD as well as DTS mastering for DVD-V. Menus, steering
and copy-control advancements will also be discussed.


Encoder Settings for Broadcasters: A lecture and demo, aimed at station
engineers and post engineers, about how they can effectively set DTV
multichannel signals.

Off-Air Reception Analysis: What's right and (usually) wrong with current
on-air dialnorm settings? Everything you need to know about dialnorm will be
presented on a DTV that will be playing throughout the two-day event.

                              MULTICHANNEL FUN & GAMES

Multichannel Games in Review: Multimedia mixers will discuss the technical
issues of composing and sound designing for video games and multimedia

Taking Surround to the Streets: Sound designers will explain
the most effective use of surround in theme parks, stores and
teleconferences, as well as show venues.

                                BUSINESS OF SURROUND

How Big is the Surround Market (And How Fast is it Growing)? Exclusive market
statistics from CEMA will be presented to prepare executives for the
marketing and
strategic decisions they need to make to prepare their software for the
emerging home market for surround sound products.

What's New in Home Theater: Consumer electronics manufacturers
will present varying perspectives on what's driving surround sound in the

Record Store Round-Up: When will there be Multichannel Music Sections in
record stores. How are leading record retailers preparing to market and
merchandise surround discs, as well as promote the surround sound benefits of

Multichannel Goes Mobile: Multichannel cars are coming and on-site
demonstrations of DVD-equipped vehicles will give attendees a listen and a
look at how surround will be experienced in cars.

Legal & Licensing: All you need to know about obtaining the necessary legal
and licenses to prepare your masters for multichannel sound.

Strategic Digital Music Initiative:
A special report

Record Companies View Surround Sound: Leading A&R and production executives
from the five major distribution companies will discuss how they are
preparing to benefit from the growing demand for multichannel audio and music

                           GEARING UP FOR SURROUND

Multichannel Microphones: A show-and-tell session of the newest technologies
for 5.1 sound acquisition.

Room Design: The acoustical issues and room designs
issues inherent in designing (or redesigning) a studio for multichannel

Multichannel Monitoring: An overview on setting up a 5.1 channel monitoring
system, along with presentations of a variety of technology choices for
today's multichannel studios. Listening sessions of a variety of monitoring
systems will be presented throughout the conference in the nearby demo rooms.

Consoles of Choice: How are major console manufacturers providing the
necessary tools for multichannel mixing. What are the various digital and
analog solutions, as well as console upgrades for surround sound?

What's New (and coming) in Outboard Gear? Leading signal processing and test
& measurement equipment manufacturers will discuss their plans to introduce
surround sound gear in a series of short presentations.

                   BRAINIAC TRACK - Science, Research, and Theory

Advanced Tools and Future Formats for Multichannel Mixing
Ulrich Horbach, Studer Prof. Audio AG, Switzerland
A software toolset supplied integrated with a digital audio console that
uses auralization techniques to place sounds in space for reproduction over
2, 5.1, and eventually 10.2 channel systems is described. In a second
part, flexible release formats having an arbitrary number of audio channels
accompanied by metadata describing the use of the channels over the number
of loudspeakers available to the end user is described.

7.1 channels from 5.1
David Griesinger
The developer of Logic 7 describes the up-mixing techniques used to produce
a more enveloping experience from the currently available software channel.

Multichannel Music's History
Richard Zvonar
Multichannel has been around for specialty venue audio for a long time.
This includes concert music, site specific sound environments, and
multimedia spectacles by such composers as Karlheinz Stockhausen, John
Cage, Pierre Henry, Iannis Xenakis, Roger Reynolds, et al.


10.2 Demonstration: Tomlinson Holman's acclaimed 10.2 surround sound
demonstration will be provided in a private demonstration area throughout the
event, providing an exclusive preview of the "new dimension" in surround

Musicians' Basic Tutorial: A two-hour tutorial session to introduce musicians
and bands to the opportunities in surround sound. A basics course for the

Executive Surround Sound Summit: An exclusive session, which will provide a
limited number of executives to create an integrated strategy for the mass
market introduction of surround sound. Sessions will include representatives
from music recording, software, consumer electronics and retailing.

Four Calibrated Mix Studios continously open 48 hours:
Music, Television, Broadcast, and DVD-Mastering
Hands-on instruction rooms with consoles for Mix sessions that will run
throughout the night!

Admission to the two-day conference program will cost $395.
One-day passes will be available for $225.

For conference registration information contact: or call

For information about Sponsorships and the Conference Technology Showcase
contact: Margaret Sekelsky @ or 516-944-5940 ext. 14.

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