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Subject: Re: I need multichannel music recordings
From: Richard Zvonar (
Date: Sat Oct 16 1999 - 04:49:08 EDT

>>I'm preparing a presentation on the history of multichannel music for the
>>Surround 2000 Conference in Los Angeles, Nov 5-6. The main problem I face
>>is a lack of "classic" (i.e. 1950s through 70s) recordings in surround
>>sound format! If anyone has access to such recordings, or can point me
>>towards sources, I'll be most appreciative.
>Do you mean commercial recordings? There were early 4-channel LPs on
>Columbia (Gabrieli Sonatas) and Vox-turnabout (orchestral), and some RCA
>There was a 1930s stereo demonstration with Stokowski and the Philadelphia
>using 'stacked' 78 rpm playback, and an RCA 7" (large center, 45 rpm)
>recording of the New World Symphony (again Stokowski if I recall) in
>stereo from the mid-50s (I believe).

I was perhaps to terse in my original post.

I'm doing a 45-minute presentation on the history of multichannel music for
the Surround 2000 Conference. This conference is coproduced by TMH
Corporation (a company founded by Tomlinson Holman, originator of THX
sound, and his associates) and Surround Professional magazine, (a
periodical about surround sound technology and practice). Most of the
attendees of the conference will be recording industry professionals,
either already involved in producing 5.1 music recordings or anxious to do
so. The focus of the conference will be educational.

Because most of the attendees are either hard core pop music or classical
music engineers and producers, their knowledge of electroacoustic music is
fairly limited. I'd like to give them a survey of multichannel work in the
EA field, and to this end it would be great to play some musical examples.
For obvious reasons most of what is available has been mixed down to two
channel for distribution on CD. I've been putting out requests for
multichannel recordings in the hopes that I can unearth something playable
for the conference. I'm particularly interested in early works, such as the
Stockhausen pieces from the 1950s, as well as 1960s and '70s quad (and
greater works). The only commercial recording readily available is the
Roger Reynolds "Watershed" DVD. I may have to play stereo reductions of
some pieces, with the inevitable disclaimer.

The audio system for the presentation will be a 5.1 sound system with
playback from DA-88 tape with a track layout of SMPTE Type A and ITU: L,
R, C, LFE,

For those unfamiliar with Surround 2000, I'll post a preliminary conference

Richard Zvonar, PhD

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