Re: I need multichannel music recordings

Subject: Re: I need multichannel music recordings
Date: Sat Oct 16 1999 - 08:56:23 EDT

>I'm preparing a presentation on the history of multichannel music for the
>Surround 2000 Conference in Los Angeles, Nov 5-6. The main problem I face
>is a lack of "classic" (i.e. 1950s through 70s) recordings in surround
>sound format! If anyone has access to such recordings, or can point me
>towards sources, I'll be most appreciative.

Do you mean commercial recordings? There were early 4-channel LPs on
Columbia (Gabrieli Sonatas) and Vox-turnabout (orchestral), and some RCA

There was a 1930s stereo demonstration with Stokowski and the Philadelphia
using 'stacked' 78 rpm playback, and an RCA 7" (large center, 45 rpm)
recording of the New World Symphony (again Stokowski if I recall) in
stereo from the mid-50s (I believe).



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