Re: A Musicology of Ea/Cm

Subject: Re: A Musicology of Ea/Cm
Date: Sat Oct 16 1999 - 08:09:05 EDT

Carlos continued ...

>But since chaos is arguably so complex an order that it cannot be
>discerned,the >frontier between Sound and Music is vague indeed, or
>perhaps even >inexistent.

This is the question as to whether reality exists beyond perception. IMV,
this discussion is about organizing perceptual structures, not about what
is "really" [sic] happening.

Copernicus said (about the night skies), "Chaos is but unperceived order."

It is in my experience however, that psychoacoustics is central to the
broader discussion, and a close reading of the CD which accompanies
Auditory Scene Analysis is a real eye opener (esp for the ears!) regarding
sonic organization that takes place in the human perceptual system(s).

(Note esp the temporal fragmentation based upon spatialization -- the
white noise "galloping rhythm" example -- particularly applicable to the
problems found in relation to the timpani part of the Scherzo of the
Beethoven 9th Symphony (when played "too" fast) -- mm 195, 198, 201, 204).



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