Re: A Musicology of Ea/Cm

Subject: Re: A Musicology of Ea/Cm
Date: Sat Oct 16 1999 - 07:53:56 EDT

Leigh also continued ...

> I'm
>against separating sonic art from music as I think it solves fewer problems
>than it creates. I am one for emancipation, not greater division ...

Which is partly where ASA enters this.

Maybe a useful parallel could be drawn to the visual arts. One would
accept that text (words on pages) are contained within the world of the
visual arts, and may have realizations (or even origins!!) in the auditory
arts, however (except for a few rare specimens), humans who are (verbaly)
literate parse the 'text' information from the printed page at a
significantly higher perceptual level than they parse the 'image'
information. (My 'THE' illusion -- sorry, you have to be there to see

It could be considered that looking at a score of the (say) St John
Passion yields 'musical' information, that is processed differently in the
brain/mind <ug!> than occurs when listening to (say) Presque Rien.

While there may considerable overlap (or maybe it's more a case of
parallel processes??), 'music' may be 'different' from sound (at least as
taught in schools). Most 'music theory' courses are taught as black dots
on lines, and do not (IMV) directly relate to the organization of sound,
but rather to the application of language specific considerations.

Set-theory models may be part of a way into this.

Another aspect here (IMV) is that traditional western music has as its
smallest vocabulary element, the (notated) note. Style is about a set of
ornamental procedures added to the 'fundamental' elements -- compare
Sinatra and Denver in their (only) duet. The toon still has 'identity'
independent of the specific realization of the toon -- the melody exists
independently of its sonic realization.

It could easily be that my (greying) grey matter is not capable of
hearing the 'fundamental' structure that is 'Presque Rien', and therefore
would not recognize a cover version by the Aphez Twins as being a cover
version of the toon.

More later ....



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