looking for older LPs of electronic music

Subject: looking for older LPs of electronic music
From: Anomalous Records Eric (eric@anomalousrecords.com)
Date: Sat Oct 16 1999 - 03:55:06 EDT


I have been searching for certain recordings of electronic music (and
a few other things) for some time, and thought maybe it might be good
to ask this list and see if anyone here might have any of these
things and not want them anymore, or nowhere somewhere I could dig
them. I still do prefer to listen to records as opposed to CDs
(guess I just prefer analog artifacts over digital ones). Besides
many of those that have been reissued are also being remixed,
although most of these are not reissued anyhow. I imagine I might
well get zero reply to this, but thought it worth asking... I have
pretty good access to more recent releases on CD but older stuff can
be very difficult to turn up. In addition to all that listed below,
I'm very curious to know about early electronic music releases from
South America, as there is very little documentation about (or access
to) them up here.

Francois Bayle "Andromède / Titan" 10"
Francois Bayle "Grande Polyphonie" LP
Francois Bayle "Jeita ou Murmure des Eaux" LP
Francois Bayle "L'Oiseau Chanteur; Lignes et Points; L'Archipel;
Espaces Inhabitables" LP
Francois Bayle "Tremblement de terre très doux" LP
Brother Ahh (Robert Northern) "Sound Awareness" LP
John Cage "Cage's Train" tape & book
Christophe Charles "let it hold itself up" CD
Christophe Charles "Deposition Yokohama" CD
Michel Chion "La Ronde" LP
Michel Chion "Requiem" LP
Henri Chopin "Le Dernier Roman du Monde" 7"
Henri Chopin "Radiotaxi 3: Audiopoems" LP
Robert Cohen-Solal / E. Canton / Reibel / B. Ferreyra LP
Marcel Duchamp and John Cage "Reunion" book with flexi
Bruno Epstein "Essay III / Essay IV" / Rune Lindblad "Satellit 60" 7"
Luc Ferrari "Heterozygote / J'ai été coupé" LP
Luc Ferrari "Presque Rein n° 2 / Promenade symphonique à travers
un paysage musical" LP
Luc Ferrari "Tautologos I" / François-Bernard Mâche "Soleilruguex" 7"
Jack Goldstein "The Burning Forest" 7"
Jack Goldstein "The Dying Wind" 7"
Jack Goldstein "A Faster Run" 7"
Jack Goldstein "A German Shepard" 7"
Jack Goldstein "The Lost Ocean Liner" 7"
Jack Goldstein "The Murder" LP
Jack Goldstein "The Quivering Earth" LP
Jack Goldstein "Planets" 6 x 10"
Jack Goldstein "The Six Minute Drown" 7"
Jack Goldstein "A Swim Against the Tide" 7"
Jack Goldstein "The Tornado" 7"
Jack Goldstein "Three Felled Trees" 7"
Jack Goldstein "Two Wrestling Cats" 7"
Jack Goldstein "The Unknown Dimension" LP
Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza LP [General Music]
Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza LP [Cinevox]
Pierre Henry "Cortical Art III" LP
Pierre Henry "La Noire a Soixante / Granulometrie" LP
Pierre Henry "Le Microphone bien tempéré" LP
Pierre Henry "Variations pour un porte et un soupir" LP
Pierre Henry "Voile d'Orphee I; Voile d'Orphee II; Spirale; Entite" LP
Toshi Ichiyanagi "Music for Strings No.2 with Stanzas" 7" [in Yoji
Kuri "Strabismus Concert" cartoon book]
Toshi Ichiyanagi "Music for Tinguely" 7"
Julius "Musik für die Ohren" tape
Julius "Musik für eine Glasscheibe" tape
Julius "Projekt Berliner Konzertreihe, 1981/82" 5 tape set
Basil Kirchen "Worlds Within Worlds 1/2" LP
Milan Knizak "Broken Music" LP
Takehisa Kosugi "Catch Wave" LP
Takehisa Kosugi "Violin Music, May 10 1986" C54
Takehisa Kosugi, Toshi Ichiyanagi, & Michael Ranta "Improvisation
Sep 1975" LP
Christina Kubish "Iter Magneticum" tape
Leo Kupper "Automatismes Sonores" LP
Richard Lerman "Audio Transducer Series: excerpts" tape
Richard Lerman "Travelon Gamelon" LP
György Ligeti "Poeme Symphonique" LP
Logos "For Grooves" LP
Logos "Integratie" LP
Logos "Murphy" LP
Ivo Malec "3L" LP
Richard Maxfield 'electronic music' LP
Cildo Meireles "Pesquisa de Audio" LP
Costin Miereanu "Derives" LP
Costin Miereanu "Jardins Oublies" LP
Andrzej Mitan "sferze dotyku" LP
Andrzej Mitan "Swietej Racji" LP
Morphogenesis "I" tape
Morphogenesis "II" tape
Davide Mosconi "Musica del Paradiso" CD
Max Neuhaus "Fontana Mix-Feed" LP
New Music Ensemble "Volume I" LP
New Music Ensemble "Volume II" LP
Pauline Oliveros "The Well & The Gentle" double LP
Bernard Parmegiani "Chronos" LP
Bernard Parmegiani "Dedans dehors" LP
Bernard Parmegiani "l'instant mobile" LP
Bernard Parmegiani "Violostries; Bidule en re; Capture Ephemere" LP
Godfried-Willem Raes "Bellenorgel" LP
Steve Reich "Four Organs / Phase Patterns" LP
Josef Anton Riedl "Glas-Spiele" LP
Claudio Rocchi "Suoni di Frontiera" LP
Pierre Schaeffer "Le triedre fertile" LP
Karlheinz Stockhausen "Aus Dem Sieben Tagen" 7 LP box
Karlheinz Stockhausen "Illimite" LP
Karlheinz Stockhausen "Kurzwellen" 2 x LP
The Taj-Mahal Travelers "August 1974" double LP
The Taj-Mahal Travelers "July 15,1972" LP
David Tudor "Microphone" LP
C.M. von Hausswolff "Conductor" LP
Kenneth Lee Wells "Music for Dark Kites" double LP
John White "The Merry Samurai's Return From Work" tape
La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela "Dream House 78'17"" LP
"Elektronická Hudba" LP [Supraphon]
"Free Improvisation" 3 LP box
"Music from ONCE Festivals" LP [Advance]
"Musique Concrète" LP [Philips]
"Musique Electronique Norvegienne" LP [Philips]
"Panorama de la Musique Concrète No. 2" LP [Ducretet-Thompson]
"Tercera Bienal Americana de Arte - Octubre 1966" [Jornadas de
Música Experimental] double LP
"TM+" double LP [INA-GRM]

Aspen No. 4 magazine with 7" flexi
Aspen No. 5 + 6 magazine with five 8" flexis
Aspen No. 8 magazine with 8" flexi
Source issue number one magazine
Source issue number three magazine
Source issue number four magazine + double 10"
Source issue number seven/eight magazine + double 10"
Source issue number ten magazine
Source issue number eleven magazine
Gordon Mumma "Creative Aspects of Live Electronic Music Technology"

Eric Lanzillotta

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