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Subject: Re: bibliographies -
From: Paschall de Paor (
Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 19:24:13 EDT

hi again,

I've completed the order, and can make it available if anyone is interested.
After going through this exercise I can state that a central web site would
be useful, esp. where the information is on the site itself, rather than
lists of links. It took a great deal of time to find relevant material, and
I was somewhat surprised to discover the sheer quantity of texts and music
out there (quality has yet to be determined...). Furthermore, there is
considerable duplication, especially with single works appearing on several
CDs, thus making the educational financial requirement of 'bang for buck'
(or punt in my case) much more difficult. Of course, in this particular
case, this was not so important (but it is difficult to break years of

Thanks to everyone who contacted me.
I pity my librarian who must now trawl through the current library stock for
duplicates (he's great - comes back to me with 'we have this - do you want
more ?')

Interesting final note: as a consequence of my 'virtuosic' spending, our
budget period was extended - lesson learned is: spend it and they are happy
(ME TOO!!!)


> By the way - subsequent to the discussion on bibliographies, would
> anyone be willing to host a full and comprehensive web site with
> a detailed structured list of books ? Paschalls email has sparked
> off a wave of library book buying and I think it would be very useful
> to have these books that people have mentioned catalogued somehow.
> Note: I wasn't offering but it could be an interesting student project I
> Dr. Adrian Moore tel - 44 (0)114 2220486
> Sheffield University fax - 44 (0)114 2668053
> Music Department
> Western Bank
> Sheffield S10 2TN
> UK

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