MUSP Web site now online...

Subject: MUSP Web site now online...
From: Chris Meloche (
Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 19:50:37 EDT

The Millennium Urban Soundscape Project Web site is now online. You can
find it at:

Just a reminder that the 2-hour radio/Web broadcast takes place Tuesday,
Oct. 19th at 7 to 9PM Eastern Time (GMT -5 hrs). Locally, it is on CHRW
94.7FM. On the Web, visit or

In addition to the article that appeared in the National Post on October
6th, the London Free Press will be running an article on Sunday, Oct. 17th.

CFPL-TV in London will also be running a story about it on their 6PM arts &
entertainment report on either Monday or Tuesday night.

CBC Radio is also going to be producing a brief (5 min) documentary segment
about the project next week, as well.

The MUSP will also be featured at the DRIFT event in Glasgow, Scotland in
November, too.

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