Re: Concrete/electroacoustique/art des sons fixes

Subject: Re: Concrete/electroacoustique/art des sons fixes
Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 07:49:32 EDT

>Oui, le terme concerne les outils. Pourtant, lorsqu'on m'invite à unconcert de
>musique électroacoustique je ne m'attends pas a y
>écouter du techno, du pop ou quoi que ce soit que puisse avoir
>une *beat* regulière. Et j'imagine bien que, si ça se passe, il y
>aura des grimaces dans l'audience.

>Yes, the term concerns the tools. However, when invited for an
>EA music concert, I do dot expect to hear techno, pop or whatever
>may have a regular beat. And I can easily see disdainful faces in the
>audience, should that happen.
>Best wishes,

So much for Come Out and Idle Chatter ...... 8(>>>>>>

>From my teaching ea/cm, there would also be a number of greatly pleased
individuals who have not grown up with the aesthetic bias against 'the
popular music' ... and it will be the younger generation that will
determine whether today's sonic arts will become museum-music.



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