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Subject: Re: A Musicology of Ea/Cm
Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 07:32:30 EDT


> However, this was a private term. At the >early days of musique
>concrete, musique concrete was publicly known as >*recherche de bruits*.
>It was probably only after the success of the >first >"musique concrete"
>broadcast, called *concert de bruits* (and not >*concert >de musique
>concrete*), on Tuesday, 5 October 1948 (if my memory serves >me well),
>that musique concrete started becoming publicly known as such.

Which may place Russolo and Cage as the parents of ea -- musique concrete
being one realization of the Art of Noises.

>If Schaeffer is to be believed (Pierret, *Entretiens avec Pierre
>Schaeffer*, 1969, >p. 52), the term *électroacoustic* was propunded by

Electroacoustic was an electrical engineering term in the early 30s. It
appears on a Decca recording of BBC Sound Effects works in the early 50s.

>"Et quand, par la suite, j'ai voulu éviter l'équivoque, je n'ai pas
>réussi à lancer >l'appelation 'électroacoustique' qui n'est pas
>engageante il est vrai. >Tout le >monde dit électronique... ce qui est

And there is Joel Chadabe's proposition of Electric Sound (including the
punning aspects of this term). Cahill created electric music where the
electricity was not a medium to carry information to be decoded (which
would have made it electronic), but the electricity was the message. (not
well put ... sorry).

>Because, as you may have heard, Stockhausen blended samples and
>electronicsounds in 1956 in *Gesange*, as Henry did in the same year in
>*Haut voltage*, >and as Berio did in 1958 in *Thema*, and the dichotomy
>elektronische/concrète >no longer held, hence a new designation was

My sources list Gesang as 55/56 (or is this historical revisionism?). And
Varese. Are there any electronic components in the _original_ tape part
of Deserts? (1954!) Does anyone have dates on when John Cage was doing
this crossover (40s perhaps?).

>You can always do something interesting with old cliches.

My preference is for newly invented cliches.



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