Re: A Musicology of Ea/Cm

Subject: Re: A Musicology of Ea/Cm
Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 07:14:05 EDT

Simon wrote ...

>Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 14:55:50 +0100 (BST)
>From: Simon Atkinson <>
>Subject: Re: A Musicology of Ea/Cm

>J'ai une petite question pour les gens francophone...
>Excusez mon ignorance, mais c'etait quand exactement que le monde
>francophone a jete l'expression "musique concrete" et adopte le
>mot (le mot horrible...) electroacoustique? Et comment et pourquoi?

S.A.: I have a small question for francophones ... Sorry, but when did the
francophonie move from "musique concrete" to the (horrible word...)
electroacoustic? How and why?

KA: A Concordia, nous avons adopte le mot electro-acoustique in 1980/81
(mais nous sommes toujours en retard). Le groupe ACREQ -- Association pour
la creation et recherche en electroacoustique etait fonde en 1977 (78?).

At Concordia the word electro-acoustic was adopted in 1980/81 (but we're
always behind times). ACREQ -- the Association for the Creation and
Research in Electroacoustics in Quebec, was founded in 1977 (78?).

>Et c'est vrai que le seul autre propostion en francais est "L'Art
>du Sons Fixees" de M. Chion?

S.A.: And it's true that the only other proposition (in french) was
"The Art of Fixed Sounds" of Michel Chion. (Fixed in this sense meaning
'attached to a medium'.)

>(Et bien sur, excusez mon mauvais francias. J'essaie!...)

PLease excuse our french. We try!

>ps I don't think I like this "Photoshop Music" very much!
>Photoshop's for _visual_ images!
>And is guilty of such a shit-load of terrible cliches!
>Don't think the card-carrying acousmaticians will restrain themselves
>from being pendantic...;-)

The reference is to the way 'sound' is being taught by many visual
artists in multi-media (integrative media) courses. Frequently, it is as
though the smallest 'sonic unit' is the (fragmented) gesture (eg a drum
loop or complete sound effect).

As part of my reference, I carry along the philosophical / artistic bias
that PhotoShop is a bit-mapped approach to image, rather than a vector
(object) based approach, ie, once the image has been imported, it has
been stripped of its context, connotation and structure ... but that's
another thread (?)




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