Fw: microphonesSM57&58

Subject: Fw: microphonesSM57&58
From: Alma & Sinisa (almasini@total.net)
Date: Thu Oct 14 1999 - 22:32:43 EDT

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From: Alma & Sinisa <almasini@total.net>
To: jefchip@cam.org <jefchip@cam.org>
Date: October 14, 1999 10:24 PM
Subject: microphonesSM57&58

Hey Jeff,
    You could have two possible choices: Shure SM57 or SM58
They are both unidirectional cardioid, with the SM58 you are going to have a little bit of the boost in the upper midrange (2.5 to kHz) so that if your drummer has a dark low pitch voice it would be a great choice, also it works great on thin voices because when sang very close it boosts the bass (I.e. proximity effect)
On the other hand, the SM57 stands as the one of the best rejection off-axis microphones. That means that there will be a very little of the sound picked up from the sides(that is maybe what you really need) so that the drums don't come through the P.A...Sonically wise, it is very close to the sm58 although it lacks the sheer richness of the previous one.
ADVICE: Try them both and you will see!


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