still available ACMC 'Imaginary Space' Proceedings

Subject: still available ACMC 'Imaginary Space' Proceedings
From: John Young (
Date: Thu Oct 14 1999 - 20:24:28 EDT

A few copies of the Proceeedings of the 1999 Australasian Computer Music
Conference are available from:

John Young
School of Music
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600

Send bank draft for US$10 (or New Zealand $20), made out to 'ACMC99'.

Contents follow:

Jonty Harrison
Imaginary Space - Spaces in the Imagination

Andrew R. Brown
Tools and Outcomes: computer music systems and music directions

Tim Kreger
Real-time Cellular Automata Filters Implemented with Max MSP

Densil Cabrera
The Size of Sound: Auditory Volume Reassessed

Gordon Monro
Some sound modifications using wavelets

Ian Kaminskyj
Multidimensional Scaling Analysis of Musical Instrument Sounds' Spectra

Terence McDermott, Ross Bencina
The exstatic Project - An Experiment in Electroacoustic Presentation

Oliver Hancock
Music with the Gestural Qualities of Environmental Sounds: Using a
Nonlinear Dynamic System as a Physical Metaphor

Warren Burt
The Spectacle and Computer Music: A Critical Assessment

Mathew Adkins
Acoustic Chains in Acousmatic Music

Michael Norris
Reinstating Interpretation: The Status of Analysis in an Electroacoustic

Andrew Lyons
Schwarzchild - Abstract Electronic Music Theatre

David Worrall
Cyberspace and Sound

Greg Schiemer, Allyson Newman, Jessie Ginsborg-Newling, Sean Bridgeman,
Nigel Helyer
Composing with the Lake 3D audio system

Greg Schiemer, Jon Drummond, Robert Douglas
Visualisation of Auditory Space

Greg Schiemer, Narayan Mani, Siri Rama
Shantivanam 2: Interactive Performance Using an Audio Signal Processor

John Elmsly
Beyond the Sounds.... [the electroacoustic music of John Rimmer]

Eduardo Reck Miranda
Exploring the musical potential of digital life-forms

Anthony Hood
Sydney Conservatorium of Music: Studio Report

Greg Schiemer, Martin Wesley-Smith
Studio Report, Electronic Music Studio, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Dr John Young Email:
Director of Electroacoustic Music Studios Voice: +64 4 463-5864
School of Music Fax: +64 4 463-5157
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600, Wellington

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