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From: Martín_Fumarola (
Date: Thu Oct 14 1999 - 08:58:06 EDT

I would suggest that if that biblio-web site is
hosted, it should have the possibility of
self-additions by any visitor since each composer
or Professor I talk to is always aware of a
different ea/cm related book title that is very
In the Spanish laguage, for instance, there has
been a real boom of excellent computer music books
in the last years (mainly published in Spain).

Martin Fumarola

"A.J. Moore" <> wrote:
> By the way - subsequent to the discussion on bibliographies, would
> anyone be willing to host a full and comprehensive web site with
> a detailed structured list of books ? Paschalls email has sparked
> off a wave of library book buying and I think it would be very useful
> to have these books that people have mentioned catalogued somehow.
> Note: I wasn't offering but it could be an interesting student project I
> Dr. Adrian Moore tel - 44 (0)114 2220486

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