Re: A Musicology of Ea/Cm

Subject: Re: A Musicology of Ea/Cm
From: Leigh Landy (
Date: Thu Oct 14 1999 - 06:36:04 EDT

> Leigh continued ...
>>Triangulation is a term taken from action research models calling for
>>evaluation from others than, say, composers and performers in s musical
> In ea/cm, would this mean researchers, teachers, students, the public,
> arts critics, social commentators ... (are these a 'third' leg)?

Yes is the answer - they provide independent feedback/evaluation which
closes an intention/reception loop all things going well. If there's an
education dept. at Concordia, there will certainly be books about action
research. I am not an education specialist, but I do subscribe to this
>>The computer music remark concerns the use of computer as (co-)composer as
>>well as sound provider. Electroacoustic music deals with the second which
>>may include the first, but not necessarily of course.
> Hmmmmm.... it seems to me, that this model may have been applicable in the
> days when 'computers' (and I take this to mean digital computers -- and
> maybe it should be specified that the reference is not to analog
> computers / aka synthesizers) could not be carries around.
> A digital sampler is a computer (an extended version of the possibilities
> of tape manipulation in many ways -- see the early GRM and Le Caine
> vari-speed machines). In a situation such as a LFO->S/H=>VCO, the
> (analog) patch (algorithm) is a co-composer.
> Maybe a characteristic of ea/cm is that the sound (work) does not exist
> independently of its technology / creation (unlike the Art of Fugue which
> exists independently of sound).
> Once again, that odd (undefined) word "music" keeps accompanying
> 'electroacoustic'. Does the thesis propose 'music' as one of the
> parameters of an ea/cm-ology?

Good points - I am trying to get the notion of co-composer in instrumental
music out of the e-a music loop without degrading it. Algo comp is an
approach which can involve, but needn't involve e-a music.

Indeed, the music question is one worth investigating again and again, but I
have the golden words "Organised Sound" to lean on as that's it for me. I'm
against separating sonic art from music as I think it solves fewer problems
than it creates. I am one for emancipation, not greater division ...


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