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Subject: Re: A Musicology of Ea/Cm
From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 23:20:34 EDT

Carlos Palombini <pal@NPD.UFPE.BR> wrote :

>Well, if in photoshop music as in musique concrete one is always recyclingold
>materials, then the musicology of EA music should be allowed to do
>the same, shouldn't it?
...recycling old values... ; apart from your (apparent) irony, and contrary to
music/art, however, I am not sure whether this also applies to old scientifical
concepts... ; as stated, the (possibility of the) all at once of today (might)
require(s) another approach of more contemporary concern, and might seem to making
several aspects being out of the scope (or being left to traditional musicol). More
general cultural backgrounds, for instance, which finally is up to everybody
him/herself, in my opinion cannot really be included here (the old humanistic ideal
applied to ea/cm education...? ; why not teaching sound design from the audio
engineer's angle ?).

>> [KA :] One of the differences from "music"ology, from ea/cm could be that the
>> ea/cm-ologist would have in her bag of tricks, a thorough knowledge (and
>> understanding) of acoustics and psychoacoustics.
But this isn't yet something /non/-inherent in traditional musicol...

>Ideally she would. In my case, I must make do with a working understanding.Do
>you think that a soundscape composers needs such thorough undestanding?

The question might be put wrongly, Imho : nobody "needs to" know something, but it
can be very help/useful... Taken the gastronomic comparison : natural food certainly
already provides a certain degree of perfection (having its very end in itself...),
and there are a lot of possibilities given between making use of precooked dishes and
an inventive, even "haute" cuisine thoughtfully aware of all ingredients...

>Many sound artists now think of composition in terms of pictorial or visual
>processes (I count yourself here, with your photoshop music). Do they
>need a thorough understanding of the physics and psychophysics of
>luminous vibrations?
The same as above ; but they should have a general knowledge as regards signal
transformation, hence, be (approximately) aware of the (approximate) acoustic
correlate to a given visual display.

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