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Subject: sonic arts network conference 2000
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Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 10:37:25 EDT

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Sonic Arts Network Conference 2000

Newcastle February 13-15

The annual members conference is an opportunity to listen, play and talk
about music. Its aim is to enable practitioners in all areas of sonic arts
to meet, exchange ideas and share their work. In its previous 2
incarnations the event has showcased over 50 electroacoustic works, hosted
presentations by Daniel Teruggi and Yves Daoust among many others, and seen
demonstrations by leading commercial organisations.

Its open submission policy ensures an intense listening experience and the
conference in 2000 will again be using the high quality sound diffusion
system from Durham.

Newcastle is easily accessible by train and road and we will be providing
details of both travel and accommodation in the coming months. In November
we will also provide details of a number of bursaries for members in need
of support.

The University and its Music Department is situated in the heart of the
city and has made a number of its facilities available to SAN for this
weekend including the King's Hall concert space.

A committee of Directors will programme the event, which in addition to
presentation sessions and concerts this year includes the Sonic Arts
Network AGM, a lunch for delegates and a late night event.

All members are invited to submit to the following categories:

Electroacoustic work for tape or tape and instrument
Live electronics time-based works

Space, facilities and time are always limiting factors when ensuring a full
yet structured programme of events. Whilst retaining our open submissions
policy we would like to focus upon the performance of new music. We
welcome works composed during 1999 and especially those waiting to receive
their first performance.

Materials should be submitted on CD, DAT, ADAT, DA88. Please include the
following with your submission where relevant:

Title and duration of piece.
Brief programme notes and biography.
Confirmation of whether you will be attending the Conference.
A list of equipment required for performance.
Performers required.

(Please note that there is no money available to pay live performers and
instrumental resources may be limited.)

Presentations should be a maximum of 15 minutes in length. (Presentations
can only be included if the submittee will be attending the conference to
present it).

Deadline for submission: 1st November 1999

Send submissions to Sonic Arts Network, The Jerwood Space, 171 Union
Street, London SE1 0LN

Dr. Adrian Moore tel - 44 (0)114 2220486
Sheffield University fax - 44 (0)114 2668053
Music Department
Western Bank
Sheffield S10 2TN

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