EuCuE report - October concert series

Subject: EuCuE report - October concert series
From: Ian Chuprun (
Date: Tue Oct 12 1999 - 22:54:28 EDT

The October concert series at Concordia University in Montreal went very
well. Eye opening and ear expanding. It was a great pleasure to finally hear
some of the pieces over a large multi-speaker diffusion system, and my sonic
imagination has plenty to work on for some time to come.

A big thanks goes to our three guest curators who made the West Pacific Rim
three day extravaganza such a success - John Young (New Zealand), Yu-Chung
Tseng (Taiwan) and Garth Paine (Australia), and to Jef Chippewa who curated
and organized the fourth day's concert of instruments and tape.

A list of the pieces performed may be found at:

The next concert series will be in November, and will feature works by
composers living and working in Canada and the USA. Hope to see some of you
there! (Stay tuned for more info).



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Ian Chuprun

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