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Subject: Production de CD
From: elena gantchikova (
Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 16:13:34 EDT

Chéres amies et collègues,
Pendent deux dernières années j'ai enregistré plusieurs oeuvres
électroacoustiques , mixtes et instrumentqles. Au total il y a pour deux CD.
Maintenent je me demande comment on trouve une maison de production?
Est que vous pourries mùaider avec votre expérience? Merci!

Elena Gantchikova<br><br>Elena Gantchikova was born in Moscow. She is a
  of the composer's council of Russia, SACEM and SACD (France).<br>In 1998
  received her diploma of the Moscow State Conservatory named after
  P.Y.Tchaykovsky in composition, poliphony, conducting, piano, harmony,
  counterpoint, orchestration and music history.<br>Her supervisors were
  Lehmann (composition) and Valery Kastelsky (piano).<br>In 1994 she was
  candidate for a doctor's degree. Her thesis was about "musicology of the
  centry"(IRCAM) with jury from CNRS, l'ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences
  Sociales and l'Ecole Normale Superieure. Supervisors:Membres of the Academy
  Sciences Mr. Hugues Dufourt and Mr.Jean-Baptiste Barriere.<br>From
  she was grand-holder of the France Governement at the faculty of "New
  technologies for composers"(IRCAM).<br>Supervisors: Tristan Murail, Brian
  Ferneyhough,Magnus Lindberg,Jonatan Harvey(composition);Miller Puckette,
  Settel,Cort Lippe,Philippe Depalle(new
  she studied at the Moscow State Conservatory.<br>1988 she received the
  of the Moscow State Music College of the Conservatory named after
  P.Y.Tchaikovsky in piano.<br>Her professional activities:<br>1999 Requested
  composer for the electronic studio of Berlin Technical University<br>1995
  resident composer of Akademie der Kunste(Berlin)<br>Yearly works at
  GMEB-studios in Bourges(France) commissioned by
  music: works for orchestra "Metel","Nimbus", chamber ensembles,mixed live
  electronics, ballets, opera and multimedia installations. Her music was
  performed by different by different orchestras and ensembles in many
  and by several radiostations.<br>She also performed as a pianist and
  conductor, performing preferably the modern repertoire, and she
  in conferences and lectures on modern music. There were some articles on
  work published in French and Russian musical publishing houses.1997-1999
  was the Russian delegate at the Membres of International Music Council

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