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Subject: Re: A Musicology of Ea/Cm
From: Alexandra Hettergott (
Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 15:23:48 EDT

From: Carlos Palombini <pal@NPD.UFPE.BR>

>In his article, Landy reviews the musicology of EA music --- 'any music
>n which electricity has had some involvement in sound registration and/or
>production other than that of simple microphone recording or amplification'
>--- according to the traditional division of the discipline: historical
>musicology, systematic musicology and ethnomusicology, plus critical >musicology.
-- But why then a "new musicology", as Kevin poses it, at all, if the field is (to be
considered to be) covered by the traditional threefold division anyway ?, and where,
as to the contemporary scene, it often might not even be tenable (or desirable) ?
Integration and a more pluralistic view here might once more seem to be more
advisable -- don't we have a musiculture of (historical/geographical/technological)
synchronicity today...?

>as the musicological
>text today results from select-copy-and-paste procedures. However, it might
>be useful to ask to what extent such procedures, in general, result from a
>certain worldview.

...or the opposite way around...
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