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Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 07:39:47 EDT

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Here is the announcement of the opening of FORUM HUB

To subscribe to the forum: send a message without subject title and without
content into the body to:

forumhub-subscr* [*=i]

If you aren't subscribed already to a forum on the Onelist services, you'll
receive a first message called "ONElist confirm" that you'll confirm by
reply to it with the function "reply" of your mail soft, without changing
the title and the content (this message will content your password to the
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HUB is a discussion on issues of today new sound and
musical investigations sound and of the emergent mutations
of these practices. It is opened to all the composers, to
musicians, to organizers, to artists, all actors in the
musical and sound fields. The text on the website allows an
approach and an opening to potential discussions. The
questions which follow this text consider some tracks of
discussions, to which you can bring your answers, your
askings, your disapprovals, etc. in the forum part which is
proposed to you by clicking the THRU button. The forum can
function by messages and answers to these messages, the
classification and the sorts will be set by topics and
chronologically. Thank you for your collaboration.

The contemporary musical field underwent strong
mutations these ten last years, the centers of interest and
investigations being moved, the methods of development of
the compositional attitudes being also radically positioned
for some of composers. However the impact and the public
implication involve many questions today, within sight of
the disappearance of the "movements" and the phenomena
of identification.

The technological personal
context of the composer also changed, he developed its personal tools
until evolving to a qualified home-studio, and being used of true studio
for finished or preparatory works for a finalization in a studio of
research center.

The fields of the contemporary
music seem to be a specific field, difficult to encircle, difficult to
communicate and yet implied in all the sound territories today. Instead
of instrumentalizing this field, so that it succumbs in disconcerting
facilities or contrary in sterile autarkical stakes, it seems that a more
relevant reflexion and an action are to be carried out on the ways in
which this field reacts to the great mutations due to the development of
new technologies for example, or well to the new economic strategies,
or to the redefinitions brought by the displacements carried out by the
massification of the music, etc.

To propose
in this forum HUB of such questionnements would be salutary to open a
place of "scan " on the emergent languages, a place of debate renewed
on the conditions of the contemporary musical languages and an active
place, a laboratory of dialogues between the composers.


jerome joy



    ... villa arson nice


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