Re: Software to slow speech etc (fwd)

Subject: Re: Software to slow speech etc (fwd)
From: Javier Ruiz (
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 09:22:20 EDT

>>Is anyone aware of software which allows a slowing of the rate of an
>>acoustic signal (e.g., to slow the tempo of a piece of music or slow a
>>talker's speech rate) without altering pitch?
>>Van Summers"
> yes, AUDIOSCULPT (IRCAM) made this !
> philippe blanchard
One of the best but not the cheapest solution, though.
Tom Erbe´s Soundhack will do a good job without hurting too much your
If you dont need high quality conversion, there are real-time tools to do
this task.
But first...
Which computer are using? Mac, PC, a Linux box?

Javier Ruiz

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