Subject: Re: ADATs
From: James Paul Sain (
Date: Wed Oct 06 1999 - 20:11:24 EDT

>One main criteria for choosing between Adat and Tascam should be your
>requirements for syncing the multitrack recorder to other units of
>hardware, I believe that Tascam has the upper hand when it comes to

I also believe that, though advancements have been made in the construction
of the ADAT, that Tascam seems physically bullet proof. In a studio such
as ours, where we have beginners to graduate students, that is very
important. We've never had problem one, not caused by us, with any Tascam
product (there was the one time a student sent phantom power over the
balanced inputs...ouch, but an easy and inexpensive fix cured that
problem...and then the time our Tascam CD player fell to earth on the way
back from a concert...weld gave way on the dolly...three foot fall into
brick planter...powered up and has continued to run flawlessly). We have a
DA88/38 system with multi-machine controller (828) which is flawless (not
to mention sync).

Jim Sain

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