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Subject: Re: ADATs/DA38
From: Garth Paine (
Date: Wed Oct 06 1999 - 19:01:04 EDT

>Does this tell me that most of the people or institutes (universities,
>studios, radio stations, ... etc.) work with ADAT when doing multi-
>channel works?? Anyone on the list uses Tascam DA-38 or DA-88?? Could
>you share us (or me) your experience with Tascam?
>And yes, 'Are there inherent mechanical advantages to either one (ADAT
>or Tascam)?'

I have a DA38. I bought it in preference to the ADAT because the
film industry in Australia largely use DA88 and the tapes out of the
2 machines are of course interchangeable. The tapes for the DA38/88
provide a longer recording time (up to 113 minutes on one tape). They
use Hi8 tapes which are smaller, more easily transported and
stored(due to their smaller size). My understanding is that the
Tascam machines have a much higher build quality. I have had not
trouble at all with mine. I run mine using MIDI Machine Control from
my 03D and from Logic Audio. I syncs perfectly. I did some tests
with a high hat pattern in Logic Audio, and recorded onto every track
separately as a new pass to test the synch. I did this many times,
cycling around the tracks, and they were perfectly in synch after
many passes. I have mine running straight into the 03D using a
digital input board, so all the digital synch etc between all
machines is slaved to the board.

I hope that helps

Of course it would be nice if we just had one perfect standard!!



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