Subject: Re: ADATs
From: Martin Gotfrit (martin_gotfrit@SFU.CA)
Date: Wed Oct 06 1999 - 13:49:00 EDT

Re: Recent ADAT quiz. At the SCA, SFU I sold our film area ADAT/BRC combo
a couple of years ago and bought a DA88 with sync card. Expensive but none
of the post houses around here supported ADAT and its ability to slave to
time code was much inferior to the brilliant performance of the DA88. The
DA88 is getting much less work these days as most post houses now prefer a
Jaz with ProTools files!
Many local music studios use ADAT however and we had a good experience with
ours for non-sync production. Despite using a smaller cassette and sharing
tracks, the DA88 seems to be more robust and has the advantage of
recording 120 minutes on a formatted Hi8 tape (vs 40 for the ADAT). Alas in
the music area we haven't had the funds for digital multitracks so we've
opted for ProTools ToolBoxes/AMIII packages throughout. We export files to
our AudioBox 16X8 for true 8 in 8 out diffusion. I suspect that we would
opt for a multichannel audio card rather than a digital multitrack in the
future - while praying for the DVD multitrack standard to arrive...



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