Subject: Re: ADATs
From: Chin-Chin Chen (
Date: Wed Oct 06 1999 - 10:45:14 EDT

Thanks for the response! still have some questions in mind....
> A recent question on ADATs ...
> At Concordia there are 4 in the studios. For a few years the TASCAM was
> seriously considered, but was passed over for EA use because there are 4
> or 5 other studios in the university with ADATs. This has been a boon
> because student work is transportable.
> This year we have received about half a dozen multi-channel works on ADAT
> (because that's the format that we have requested), but a number of other
> Canadian groups (and studios) have settled on TASCAM. Are there inherent
> mechanical advantages to either one?

Does this tell me that most of the people or institutes (universities,
studios, radio stations, ... etc.) work with ADAT when doing multi-
channel works?? Anyone on the list uses Tascam DA-38 or DA-88?? Could
you share us (or me) your experience with Tascam?

And yes, 'Are there inherent mechanical advantages to either one (ADAT
or Tascam)?'

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> Best
> Kevin

Chin-Chin Chen

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