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Subject: Re: ea-related mailing lists
From: dave solursh (
Date: Wed Oct 06 1999 - 09:24:32 EDT

Hay Jean-Marc, are you into Max/Msp, I love this (or will when I am versed)
as much as Meta synth. There is a max list out of McGill U. I think you
send a usual "subskribe" message to <MAX@LISTS.MCGILL.CA> and I think you
will then be a part of it. It is actualy kinda neat, you get every days
messages at midnight, all bundled together in one e-mail. Easy to
organize. If you find anymore lists please let me know.


>Could anyone recommend any other mailing lists devoted to ea-related topics?
>I'm thinking of aesthetics, composition, but also some more tech-oriented
>stuff like DSP and programming.
>Quelqu'un pourrait-il recommander d'autres serveurs de listes (?) touchants
>à des sujets reliés à l'électro? Je pensais à diverses considérations
>esthétiques, à la composition, mais aussi à des sujets plus techniques,
>comme la programmation et le traitement de signaux.
>Thanks, merci.
>***Jean-Marc Pelletier***
>Resident Electroaoustic Composer
>Nanto Junior High School
>Nanto-town, Mie, Japan
>"Il est plus facile de penser que l'on ne pense pas que de ne pas penser que
>l'on pense"
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