Subject: ADATs
Date: Wed Oct 06 1999 - 03:29:25 EDT

A recent question on ADATs ...

At Concordia there are 4 in the studios. For a few years the TASCAM was
seriously considered, but was passed over for EA use because there are 4
or 5 other studios in the university with ADATs. This has been a boon
because student work is transportable.

With regular maintenance the ADATs have held up well, although we are now
getting Code 7 (cleaning) messages on two machines, and while the 'dry'
cassette cleaner has been used, it seems (according to the manual), that
they need to go out for cleaning. (Can anyone tell tales of cleaning the
heads themselves? Is th warning not to do it just to keep the amateurs
away? or is special equipment and care in order??).

This year we have received about half a dozen multi-channel works on ADAT
(because that's the format that we have requested), but a number of other
Canadian groups (and studios) have settled on TASCAM. Are there inherent
mechanical advantages to either one?

Our experience over a decade ago of starting students straight to
8-channel (Assignment One), was one of the greatest leaps that we took.
(The second great leap was to retire the vari-speed Revox!)



Your mileage may vary.

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