Re : Software to slow speech etc (fwd)

Subject: Re : Software to slow speech etc (fwd)
From: TodorTodoroff (
Date: Sun Oct 03 1999 - 21:07:03 EDT

>>Is anyone aware of software which allows a slowing of the rate of an
>>acoustic signal (e.g., to slow the tempo of a piece of music or slow a
>>talker's speech rate) without altering pitch?
>>Van Summers"
> yes, AUDIOSCULPT (IRCAM) made this !
> philippe blanchard
Another interesting way, which sounds very different is to use granulation.
There are many programs doing that (at least on Macintosh, NeXT, SGI):
SuperCollider, MacPOD, and MAX/MSP (my favorite, very open, but you'll have
to program it yourself) on the Mac;

Todor Todoroff

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