Re: SEAMUS Y2K Reminder

Subject: Re: SEAMUS Y2K Reminder
From: Robert J. Dow (
Date: Sun Oct 03 1999 - 04:28:45 EDT

> Just a reminder that the POSMARK deadline for SEAMUS Y2K, "The AcousmaTex"
> Conference, is October 1, 1999.

Hi there!

Elainie, I have missed the dealine for SEAMUS (and me an American Citizen
as well ...) Do you think there would be any chance of submitting the CD I
sent to you ages ago (for your own use)? Or have I simply blown it? I was
on the phone to Jonty last night and he reminded me about it.

Hope things are well for you - I bet they are keeping you busy! I know
have my new, shiny, Research Fellowship at Edinburgh for the next three
years, so I am pretty pleased with myself. Looks like there is going to be
butt loads of stuff to do, though, and Peter Nelson is dumping it on me by
going off on sabbatical for 9 months from Jan 1st. Mind you, things always
seem so much quieter when he isn't about!

Anyway, hope you are OK.



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