Re: Cross Posting (from eamt)

Subject: Re: Cross Posting (from eamt)
From: Tryggirggi (
Date: Fri Oct 01 1999 - 04:59:20 EDT

>From T

Dear Kevin and you all in the Cecdescussion groop

I am a composor, joker and a madman like some of you.. (see my page, It has been interesting to see and hear what is
on your minds... I am now mooving from Iceland to Lund in Sweden. The trouble
is, you talk so much, my e-mail gets overloded... so I would like to know how
to unsubscribe, my personal e-mail is drowning.... Kevin can you help me
with this?
mayby later, when I have more time and my own computer again I will get in
contact again. Now I am on the netcafe and in computers of my friends...


Tryggvi Hansen
from Iceland
and now in Lund

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