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Subject: Netherlands Electro-Acoustic Repertoirecentre NEAR
From: Hannah Bosma (
Date: Tue Sep 28 1999 - 10:39:08 EDT

Dear members of CECdiscuss,

although I am a member of this CEC discussion list for years
already, I now want to introduce myself in a new function.

Since septembre 1998, I am working at the Netherlands Electro-
Acoustic Repertoirecentre NEAR, a part of music publisher and
information centre Donemus. Before, Rene Uijlenhoet was NEAR's
staffmember. He released two wonderful cd-boxes, one with the
complete tapemusic of Jan Boerman ( 5cd's and book, this won the
Edison-price) and one with the complete tapemusic of Dick
Raaijmakers (3 cd's and book, this was nominated for the Edison-
price), and cd's with music by Ton Bruynel.

NEAR's activities include:

releasing cd's;

supporting Donemus in publishing compositions consisting of a
score as well as a soundtrack, a.o. by making soundtracks
available for performances;

archiving and making available of Dutch electronic music;

providing information about electro-acoustic music in The

an e-mailnewsletter (bi-montly) with national and international news
relevant for Dutch people interested in electronic music.

The present NEAR-project consists of making an inventory of Ton
Bruynèl's electro-acoustic compositions as well as filing them,
copying them onto cd's and making the soundtracks available for

I copy old tapes with electronic compositions on DAT and CD, to
preserve the compositions for the future and to make them
available for performances. I am very interested in how others deal
with these things. How do you preserve electronic compositions?
What is a good strategy with regard to future technological-cultural

You can find more information on the website of NEAR:

All your reactions and suggestions are very welcome.


        Hannah Bosma

Nederlands Elektro-Akoestisch Repertoirecentrum
Netherlands Electro-Acoustic Repertoire centre

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