Re: softwindows

Subject: Re: softwindows
From: Steve Benner (
Date: Tue Sep 28 1999 - 05:39:49 EDT

At 09:41 28/09/99 +0000, A.J. Moore wrote:
>I received some advice that a new G4 running softwindows would, even in
>emulation, still be faster than a PIII.

I'm happy to be proved wrong but I doubt this: Virtual PC on my G3 400 runs
somewhat slower than my aging pentium 90 (pre MMX!) machine, especially on
computationally intensive operations.

>Compatibility is the main worry though.

Most software written for soundblaster seems to work OK but some
installations of Virtual PC can't see music CD's for some reason and I've
never managed to get any sensible answers why (or how to stop it!)

Bear in mind too, that to run Win NT or Win 98 properly, Virtual PC really
needs 2Gb of hard disc space, and the current version won't let you have
this much without a lot of messing about! Ultimately, it is more
cost-effective to just buy a PC!!


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