a quick reference question

Subject: a quick reference question
From: Roger Parton (rogerparton@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Sep 27 1999 - 22:18:05 EDT

   I`m relatively new to electroacoustic music, but not to books! I wonder
if someone could refer me to any readings on the subject, including on-line
journals! Your help is appreciated.

     Incidentally, some years ago I came across a rather touching
testimonial to Varese by Stravinsky. Now I`m kicking myself for not having
taken better notes! I`m not entirely certain if I encountered this in a
periodical or in one of the Craft books, but I`m sure it made mention of
Stravinsky visiting Varese at work (on ``Deserts``?), as well as late-night
pizza. A bona-fide ``wouldn`t mind having been a fly-on-the-wall`` situation
indeed! Any ideas where I might find this again?

                  Roger Parton.

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