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Date: Mon Sep 27 1999 - 16:04:10 EDT

Dear Paschall,

I don't know if this will be of much use to you but all I can recommend are
some basic or even rare items still available on musique concrete, mostly in
French. Some historical texts published in *La revue musicale* may still be
obtained from Hermann, Editeurs des Sciences et des Arts, which is now handling
the original Richard-Masse publications. I hope this is not too much off-topic,
but it seems you can afford such a luxury.

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comptoir de vente:

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The Richard-Masse texts still available are:

Pierre Schaeffer (ed.). 1957. Vers une musique experimentale: Revue musicale
236. Paris: Richard-Masse. (A fundamental text that dismistifies a lot of what
has been said about the elektronische/concrete dichotomy).

Sophie Brunet. 1969. Pierre Schaeffer suivi de Reflexions de Pierre Schaeffer.
Paris: Richard-Masse.

Michel Chion and Francois Delalande (eds.). 1968. Groupe de Recherche Musicale:
Revue musicale 394--7. Paris: Richard-Masse.

Francois Bayle (ed.). 1986. Groupe de Recherche Musicale: Catalogue GRM
1948--86. Paris: Richard-Masse. (?)

Albert Richard (ed.). 1971. Musique et technologie --- reunion de Stockholm de
juin 1970: Revue musicale 268--9. Paris: Richard-Masse. [please note that there
is an English version available somewhere]

Albert Richard (ed.). 1952. L'oeuvre du vingtieme siecle: Revue musicale 212.
Paris: Richard-Masse.

Francois-Bernard Mache (ed.). 1985. Varese, vingt ans apres: Revue musicale
383--5. Paris: Richard-Masse.

An almost complete bibliography of Schaeffer's texts, CDs and LPs (excluding
tapes and web publications), in French and (not extremely good) English was
released in 1997 by the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche Pierre Schaeffer,
authored by Silvie Dallet and Sophie Brunet and I think you still can still
order it from Anomalous Records (I'm reviewing this item for the CMJ later this

Sylvie Dallet and Sophie Brunet. 1997 (undated). Itinéraires d'un chercheur:
bibliographie commentée de l’œuvre éditée de Pierre Schaeffer --- A Career in
Research: Pierre Schaeffer, a Commented Bibliography of Published Works.
Montreuil-sous-bois: Centre d’Études et de Recherche Pierre Schaeffer.

CD sets

François Bayle (ed.). 1990. Pierre Schaeffer: l’oeuvre musicale. 4 CDs and
text. Paris: INA-GRM/Séguier, distr. Adda. [Schaeffer's "Complete Musical

Pierre Schaeffer. 1944. La coquille à planètes. 4 CDs and text. Paris: distr.
Adès, 1991. [Schaeffer's radiophonic series]

Pierre Schaeffer. 1989. Dix ans d’essais radiophoniques: du Studio au Club
d’Essai, 1942--1952. (Orig. ed. 1955). 4 CDs and text. Arles:
Phonurgia-Nova/INA-GRM. [An anthology of French Radiophonic Art]

I would also recommend:

Douglas Kahn and Gregory Whitehead (eds.). 1992. Wireless Imagination: Sound,
Radio and the Avant-Garde. Cambridge and London: MIT Press.

Adalaide Morris (ed.) 1997. Sound States: Innovative Poetics and Acoustical
Technologies. Chapel Hill and London: The University of North Carolina Press.

Pierre Schaeffer. 1966. Traite des objets musicaux. Paris: Seuil, 1977
(enlarged reprint).

Pierre Schaeffer. 1970. Machines a communiquer: 1. genese des simulacres.
Paris: Seuil.

Michel Chion. 1983. Guide des objets sonores: Pierre Schaeffer et la recherche
musicale. Paris: INA-GRM/Buchet-Chastel.

I hope this is of some use.

Best wishes,


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