Re: polices de caracteres

Subject: Re: polices de caracteres
From: John Croft (
Date: Sun Sep 26 1999 - 13:03:39 EDT

At 8:01 -0400 26/9/1999, KEVIN AUSTIN wrote:

> I would propose that Fin2000
>is light years ahead. If you write little black dots on lines, it's well
>worth a peek!

I haven't used Fin2000, but I assume from this that it has been
completely re-written from the ground up since Finale 98, which has
the most poorly designed interface and sloppiest programming I've
ever seen (with the exception of previous versions of Finale) - and
I've used Windows.

Of course, now at last there's a credible alternative, so maybe
they'll get their act together.


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