Re: Hymnen Question

Subject: Re: Hymnen Question
Date: Sun Sep 26 1999 - 09:37:38 EDT

I don't believe any such recordings were made of any of the anthems, but
you'd be best off checking with his assistants. His personal assistant at
the time was Rolf Gehlhaar (now living in London). Technical collaborator
(composer/sound engineer) in the electronic studio at the WDR was David
Johnson, who knows all but is hard to find. Gehlhaar might help you on that.

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<< From my readings of Stockhausen's notes etc on Hymnen, I believe that the
 Southwest German Radio orchestra and Chorus recorded the national anthems
 for his use. Neither Cott, nor Harvey are clear on this issue.
 Would anyone know? or could someone ask Stockhausen?
 (Who were his assistants at the time?)
 Kevin >>

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