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Subject: Cross Posting (from eamt)
Date: Sun Sep 26 1999 - 08:23:12 EDT

Recently seen on another list ... (comments?)

Now 'dems fightin' wordz!!



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>Subj: RE: straight up truax

>Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 12:14:17 -0400 (EDT)
>From: jef chippewa <>
>Subject: Re: straight up truax

>>the most part composers seem wedded to abstract music,
>>despite the fact that this limits their audience and
>>places them on the fringes of the culture. Their work
>>doesn't influence the environment and they don't let
>>the environment influence their music. Then they
>>wonder why no one pays much attention!

> !

>i'd be interested to know how the recording and manipulation of
>'soundscapes' constitutes an interaction with the environment.
>i wasn't aware that soundscapers had such a monolithic following. i guess
>soundscapers pay more/better attention to musical detail than 'serious'
>music composers. i wasn't aware.
>a sad day when music is nothing but 'feel-good' pills. the physical body is
>but a part of human existence. ask, 'what makes the body work?'

>soundscape artists often use this kind of talk to justify their work in
>unclear (abstract, they might say) clear terms. i'd be interested to hear
>from them how 'abstract' art music is destructive to the environment.
>sorry, must run, there is a tree waiting for me to chain myself to.

>oops, there's more...
>> The great irony is that society is in desperate need
>>of the kind of aural sensibility...
>absolutely. stop there.... argh... it was good for a moment.

>associated with
>>music, particularly in the soundscape and the humane
>>use of technology, but the composers are busy with
>>their esoteric concerns that answer neither society's
>>practical needs nor its search for meaning.

>so, what are society's practical needs? how does music address these? how
>does soundscape [re-]'composition' do this better than 'abstract music'? i
>want to be a better person, please tell me how.

>>the schools are still training people in very
>>traditional ways and wondering why they can't find
>oh, i see. it's all about employment. sorry. that's not why i involve
>myself with music. i guess i will abstain from further comment.
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