Re: polices de caracteres

Subject: Re: polices de caracteres
Date: Sun Sep 26 1999 - 08:01:11 EDT

>Kein wrote:
>>> I would strongly urge the upgrade to Finale 2000. Fin 3.5 is pre
>dark-ages, IMV. <<

Two small points ...

>That it is, it just happens to be something which came with my computer
>when I bought it second hand... But if I was considering (and could
>afford!) an upgrade ...

Unless you bought the copy of Finale, I don't think you can upgrade it. :(

> I think I'd be looking at something less
>command-orientated than Finale - it irritates me with some of the lengthy
>and obscure means you have to use to enter things. It seems to be designed
>by a technician rather than a musician - who would require something more
>intuitive and object oriented... Is Finale 2000 any better in this respect?

Being a technological ludite (14.4k modem, logged on to the mainframe,
green characters on a black background ...), I would propose that Fin2000
is light years ahead. If you write little black dots on lines, it's well
worth a peek! ... but what's intuitive about music notation anyway? [But
that's another, more generalizable thread ... for later maybe.]




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