Re: MidiDesign fonts

Subject: Re: MidiDesign fonts
From: John Croft (
Date: Sat Sep 25 1999 - 12:21:35 EDT

>A forward of an explaination by John Croft - I thought I'd post this to
>the group as we all seem to be having the same problems.

Well, a few amendments - I've writting to M. Texier to enquire, but I
thought I'd better mention them here (even though it's getting
off-topic) in case anyone is trying to follow my instructions!

I wrote:

>If you want to use Sonora as a font for the actual notes, then it
>should be just a matter of selecting it under "Notation" in the
>"select default fonts" menu item in the "Options" menu. Sonora is
>smaller then most music fonts, so you will need to select something
>larger than 24 pt.

I found 40 to be about right.

> Because all music fonts have the same character
>mapping (e.g. & = treble clef, = black notehead) you shouldn't need
>to do anything else.

Hmm - a few inconsistencies with "Sonora" though - the minim
notehead and the quaver flag are both in a different place, and there
seems to be no breve notehead! (They're not the same, as I'm sure
everyone will know.) Also, there does not appear to be a trill
continuation line (as in tr~~~~). A few other things will need doing
as well - changing the stem connections setting so that the stem
touches the notehead, changing the flag vertical offset so that it's
not so far from the note, and selecting "straight flags" in the same
dialog box. You may also want to move the augmentation dot closer to
the notehead.

Hope this is of use to someone.


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